Pricing And Packages.

Starter Package

Amazingly good value at a low affordable monthly price.

Start your business on the right path with our starter package

Add Ons.

Here at OneWebMedia we understand that yes you could get a free website and an email account for free, but what we offer is so much more. We Offer a choice of templates that best suit your business and adapt them to your company. 

So here is what you get and how it would work. You provide your company name, logo sample images of your work and the text you want to be shown on your site(such as descriptions, contact info and business hours).

Your domain name  for example would be your email would be

We won’t just leave you to do all the hard work in attracting business, we showcase every business on our home page and your site will be linked on our page just as Build, Host and Update users can.

Amazingly good value at a low affordable price.

Our 5 page Build package is a great way for you take control of your hosting. We will build the back bone of your site making it look great all you will need to do is maintain and host it.

Add Ons.

We will not just pack your new site off to you without clear directions on how to connect it to your domain. All sites are made using WordPress, one of the best tools to make stunning websites. 

Should you need future help with your site we are always happy to give you a hand with our consultancy service. We can make changes and add new content and pages if needed. Prices may be varied depending on what work needs doing so please Contact Us.

Add Hosting And Unlimited Updates

Should you need hosting or want unlimited maintenance. We can provide this for you at an additional cost of £39.99 a month(via direct debit) for maintenance. Or £15 a month just hosting your website.

Need an extra pages at a later date? That is fine, we can do that for you. If we host and maintain your site we charge an additional £2.50 a month per page.

The main benefits of us maintaining your site for you is that when ever you need extra text. images or layout changes done you can just send us an email and we will get right on it. We also constantly update plugins meaning that your site is as fast and responsive as it can possibly be.

We can provide all the following features you need to help your business grow.

Bespoke Website.

Up to a 5 page website as standard (Each additional page £2 Per Month there after)

Unlimited Updates.

No matter how small the change just contact us.

Domain Name.

We will get your domain name for you either .com or any other . you want.

Web Hosting.

We provide the stage for your company to expand and and grow.

Search Engine Optimisation.

We will use tried and tested methods to help you boost your online ranking, making it easier for customers to find you.

Secure SSL Certified.

Information that your customers send though your website will be safe and secure for peace of mind.

Social Media.

We can link your business social media to your website weather it be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Youtube.

Free Company Emails

You will be able to set emails for your company needs so your staff will be able to stay connected.

Whilst building your site we will make sure that it is fully optimised for it to be used on all devices. Your customers will be able to find you at home on the there PC and tablet or when they are on the move on there mobile device.

So now you have seen what One Web Media offer as part of building your website. What else can be added? In our Business Made Easy section its not just handy CRM systems, marketing and mailing list tools. There is the bookings calendar that can also be linked to your new site which helps customers book appointments directly with you.

If you are looking for a specific featured on your site and haven’t seen it listed, why not drop us a quick message? I am sure there is a way that we can implement this on your new site from us.